Edmund King takes PR to presidential level

Congratulations to who has been appointed President of the AA after 8 years in the driving seat of the RAC Foundation

Edmund is a great example of a professional PR practitioner who has championed the interest of the motorist with a range of creative campaigns and effective lobbying programmes.  He will continue this work at the AA – but bring his expertise to bear on the commercial side as well as on pure public relations, which is the main focus of the RAC Foundation.

It is always good to see someone who understands public relations help guide an organisation and demonstrate that career ambitions of those in the profession shouldn’t just stop at being head of department.

In his role as a member of the MIPAA committee (and former chairman), I’ve enjoyed Edmund’s insight into a range of issues.  I just hope he won’t expect us to adopt the traditional AA salute in future!

Good to see Sheila Rainger is keeping Edmund’s seat warm at RAC Foundation.  Her appearances on the media have shown her abilities to present a reasoned argument on key motoring issues.

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Heather Yaxley

Heather Yaxley is passionate about PR - teaching the CIPR qualifications, lecturing part-time at Bournemouth University and running the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA). I'm undertaking a PhD looking at Career Strategies in PR. I love sharing ideas and knowledge - connecting news and views by blogging on public relations and educational developments, especially relating to accelerated and active learning. I'm also a published author, qualified trainer and experienced consultant.

2 thoughts on “Edmund King takes PR to presidential level”

  1. I’ve just watched your load of bulls**t regarding MODIFIED cars, NOS etc and its obvious you know jack shi*. No I’m not a Young Driver , I,m a 50+ year old driver and I would love you to list how many peaple were killed on the roads in ‘MODIFIED’ cars. Try finding out out how many MODIFIED cars are the causes of accidents before guessing and slandering these people!!!!! By the way some of these people are aa members, Try and find some other minority group to boast your questionable appointment!!!! if you want to take this further, please respond and DUCK!!!!!!
    Tony Dancer.

  2. Mr Dancer – I presume your comments are addressed to Ed King, however, this blog is not written nor in any way connected with the AA or Ed King.

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