Black cat for good luck

PeppieA black cat is supposed to be a sign of good luck – which I wish to all supporters of the Greenbanana website as we come to the end of 2007.

You certainly need a bit of good fortune when your black cat decides to sit half way up your Christmas tree – as in this photo of one of my parents’ cats, Peppie.

Perhaps he is simply demonstrating his climbing skills or maybe his artistic ability.

Whatever skills and abilities you wish to demonstrate in 2008, I wish you much success in achieving your goals.  If 2007 is anything to go by, the year ahead will travel by at a zillion miles per hour.  So my main resolution is to take the time to enjoy whatever comes my way.

Happy New Year to you all.

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Heather Yaxley PhD

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6 thoughts on “Black cat for good luck”

  1. I to believe black cats are not bad bad luck. My yahoo page is based all on trying to let people see the truth of black cat that and many other things,like wicca(witchcraft) I’m not wiccan but someone close to me is.

  2. of course black cats aren’t bad luck! that’s simply ridiculous! my black cat is the most interesting, caring, charasmatic, miscievious, fun little thing there ever was.

  3. Sadly Peppy didn’t have a lot of good luck in 2008 as he now rests in our heart-shaped memorial garden in France alongside my dad and other much missed pets. He sounds just like Pamela’s cat – and it wasn’t the same this year putting up the tree without his little face peeping out.

    I’ve also just heard that my little dog, Barley, is in the early stages of heart failure – so 2009 is also starting out pretty tough. But where would we be without our beloved animals? At present, he is still very lively and enjoying life, and who am I to stop him?

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