PR gears up for the 1980s

The cars are the stars on ‘Life on Mars’ sequel – ‘Ashes to Ashes’ is a nicely timed press release from BCA (British Car Auctions).  Ahead of the start of the 1980s based television cop show, ‘Ashes to Ashes’, it highlights the cars from that decade that are set to become classics.  The original ‘Life on Mars’ was full of great 1970s nostalgia, and unfortunately, we are about to see the decade that taste forgot getting the media make-over treatment.

So lots of opportunities for savvy PR folk to piggy back the show.  The motoring classic image of that decade has to be the Golf GTi advert with Paula Hamilton – although detective Gene Hunt is swapping the Ford Cortina he drove in the first series for an Audi Quattro.  In reality, the police were more likely to have been driving the Ford Sierra, the “jelly mould” that replaced the Cortina.

The Sierra might not be as iconic as the Audi Quattro, but it is amusing to note that:

When the Sierra made its appearance at the 1982 Birmingham Motor Show, it made the national news. Trevor McDonald and Angela Rippon solemnly proclaimed the end of the Cortina.

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