Happy Easter – or is it?

This is Easter weekend, but not the Easter holidays.  Term time at Bournemouth University doesn’t end until next Friday, so like most schools, we have the confusion of a long-weekend, but not the usual term-end break.

Should that be known at Spring Break this year?  That term has various connotations in respect of US university students enjoying rather wild vacations – so maybe a change would create a new market in the UK.  Although do we really need another excuse here for drunken excess?

I gather an alternative name to get away from the images of sex, sea and students is a Reading Break – although Slackers Break is another term.

Of course, this is only Easter in respect of the Julian calendar with the Gregorian calendar identifying Easter Sunday as 27 April.

Some people are arguing for a fixed date for Easter – which I think would be a shame as it is nice to have some variation in the yearly calendar. 

I also believe that the school/Uni Easter holidays should be just that – around the Easter weekend.  So we have one term longer than the other – have we really become so inflexible in setting out timetables, learning outcomes, etc that we can’t accommodate any yearly change?

We won’t get such an early Easter again for decades and under the Julian calendar it won’t be as late as 25 April until 2038.  In case, you’re interested, apparently the commonest date for Easter Sunday is 19 April with the full cycle of Easter dates repeating after 5,700,000 years.

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