Long live love

I’m writing this post for me – because I need to write about Nutmeg.  Back in 1986 or thereabouts, I went to a house in Norwich and offered a home to a little tabby kitten no more than five weeks old.  Today, I made a promise to see her in the next life, as I said goodbye to my tiny, bony little 22-year old Nutmeg.

Nutmeg was Tizzy’s cat, not mine but a dog’s cat – and that’s how she lived her life – at home with dogs regardless of their size or familiarity with the feline race.  She was always a small cat, but lived a strong life, her own life, a long life.

Another soul that I’ll carry with me forever, in my memories and in my heart.  Like the many dog souls that Nutmeg outlived.  And, as each one has gone, my heart has been full with ache and love.

Today it feels like the pain will be here always.  And it will.  Time doesn’t heal, but love settles down and finds a space in who we are.  Maybe this seems ridiculous as a sentiment for a cat – but 22 years is a long time.  Nearly half my life. 

So Nutmeg, I’ll miss you.  My desk seems empty without you lying on the keyboard.  This was a long lived love – and I wish you could have lived forever, but I will love you forever.  I can still hear you purring – I hope I always will.

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2 thoughts on “Long live love”

  1. I couldn’t read and not post – I do both sympathise and empathise with your situation. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a much-loved pet – I think the main thing to try and remember is what a happy life you were able to give Nutmeg, and how much she must have enjoyed it.

    Do cut this link if it feels appropriate, but I thought it might be useful for some readers – the animal charity Blue Cross run a pet bereavement counselling service where people can get support through calling or emailing volunteer counsellors.


    Best wishes


  2. I’m sorry about your little cat, Heather. It’s one of the hardest things in the world to lose one’s little furry companions, cat or dog. One never forgets each and every one of them. My last beloved one is my avatar as I wander around online.

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