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image I’ve always thought the way Google changes its logo to connect with a particular event is a really nice touch.  It doesn’t necessarily serve a purpose, but I find you always stop to check what the graphics indicate.

Today’s image is by Jeff Koons and serves to promote the new artist themes you can use to personalise your iGoogle homepage.  The 70 themes can be viewed geographically – for example Australian artists.

A time limited cafe was set up in Japan earlier in April to promote Artist iGoogle, although not everyone thinks the brand should seek a real world presence.


The goal, said Marissa Mayer, Google’s vice president of search products and user experience, is to give people a chance to connect with artists they like. Few artists turned down Google’s offer to participate, which offers an opportunity to reach a giant audience that isn’t necessarily plugged in to the gallery, rock and catwalk scenes.

Google didn’t pay the artists. It made a contribution to a charity in each of their names.

I’m not quite sure of the value of the themes, but I’ve opted for the Lance Armstrong one (I know he’s a cyclist not an artist) because the Tour de France this year is passing through Lavelanet which is near to my mum’s house.

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  1. I’ll have to investigate this. I had no idea you could do it. Thanks for highlighting it. I’m a big Lance Armstrong fan but I’m sure I’ll have trouble making up my mind.

  2. Well it got us talking – I wondered if they were bells or maybe those fancy champagne flutes you can buy that you cannot put down as they don’t have a base. But I think Sherrilynne is right as I found an article at Time claiming they are chrome tulips (,8599,1736489,00.html?imw=Y) – which they took from Mayer’s blog (which didn’t come up when I first searched the topic on Wednesday given that it wasn’t posted until 6.27am US time, ie behind UK):

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