Orange balloons target bloggers

When writing about Motor Play, I noticed the Racoon logo from the Orange phone company appeared on the blog.  I wasn’t clear if it was simply sponsorship, but when you click on the logo, you are taken to a site for the world’s first internet balloon race. 

This appears to have nothing to do with Motor Play – but a bit of digging found Laura’s Useful and Funny Stuff blog where it was revealed that blogs can sign up to the week long race and feature the animal logos.  The race then involves participants following the balloon across signed up blogs/sites.  This is an interesting concept as self-interest re the possibility of more traffic and new readers, encourages bloggers and site-owners to get involved.

I expect it cost a fortune, and I found the set up rather complex – I couldn’t get the logo onto this site at all (but I’m not very good with widgets).  It also seems to rely on participants having lots of time to fly about www – when most of us struggle with the sites we do wish to read (I haven’t visited my bloglines account in months now).

Would be interesting to see what Orange expect the initiative to achieve – although I presume it is part of the ongoing marketing experimentation with new media.  I felt it could perhaps be or more useful or engaging than simply a race, but worth knowing about anyway.

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Heather Yaxley

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