CIPR qualifications – another top result

grape-results The latest round of results have confirmed another impressive performance for the CIPR Advanced Certificate and Diploma candidates at Cambridge Marketing Colleges.  This quite an achievement as these committed professionals have needed to combine their studies with busy work and family lives.

Not only is it very satisfying to see a high pass rate, but a considerable percentage achieved merit or distinction grades.

At this point in their studies, we also see another measure of the value of taking a professional qualification – promotions or job changes.  Only last Saturday in a class of eight (who are only on their 2nd assignment out of three), one person reported she had just obtained a much better position, another was shortlisted for second interview and the CV (resume) of a third was circulating with top recruitment agencies.

At the start of the course, I always ask candidates to list their hopes and fears.  Top concern is the challenge of finding the time to study, whilst the main hope is to improve career prospects and/or recognition with bosses.  Without doubt, although involving considerable effort, the CIPR qualifications deliver on these aims.

Credit must go also to my team of tutors who provide invaluable support to the students – and the brilliant set of Greenbanana materials and online resource that I’ve developed.

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Heather Yaxley

Heather Yaxley is passionate about PR - teaching the CIPR qualifications, lecturing part-time at Bournemouth University and running the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA). I'm undertaking a PhD looking at Career Strategies in PR. I love sharing ideas and knowledge - connecting news and views by blogging on public relations and educational developments, especially relating to accelerated and active learning. I'm also a published author, qualified trainer and experienced consultant.