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Just in case the Easygroup lawyers find this post, I’m not thinking of starting up a new public relations company called Easy PR, nor changing my green branding for its orange theme.

However, I think an Indian restaurant in Northamptonshire scored some easy PR in selecting the name Easy Curry, which attracted a legal threat from Easygroup.

I heard on the radio this afternoon that the owner has decided to change the name of the restaurant, despite earlier claiming he would not back down, but had offered to change the typeface and colours.

The restaurant did question how the company could own the word “easy” and said it reflected the concept of the restaurant with is to allow customers to pay £5 then whatever else they feel the meal is worth.

I am not suggesting this was a deliberate publicity stunt by the newly opened restaurant, but this small local restaurant gained peak time BBC coverage just by taking on a bigger brand in this way.

Anthony Robb-John, managing director of Easygroup, is reported as saying: “We do not hold ourselves out as owning easy but we do own lots of trademarks.”  However, the corporate website (www.easy.com) states: “easyGroup – Stelios’ private holding company that that creates new ventures & owns the easy brand”

It also has a tab labelled Brand Thieves where it is very clear about protecting its brand.  Besides the Easyjet low-cost airline business, its activities include car hire, cinema ticket sales, pizza delivery, cruising, hotels, mobile phones and finance.

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