Holiday bloggers should beware of burglars

I’m surprised to read so many bloggers inform their readers that they are taking a Summer holiday – and even detailing exactly how long they will be away in one or another sunnier spot. 

Shouldn’t we remember that we aren’t just talking to friends online, but leaving a trail of information that may be useful to those with other intentions?  Your blog might not contain your home contact details, but how difficult is it to find this information – online or offline?

Of course, regular readers might detect a decline in blogging and guess a blogger is on vacation, but they don’t know for sure, unless we tell them.

Typing “I’m of to” in Google brought up dozens of bloggers announcing their holiday and other plans to be away from home for a day, a week or longer.  No doubt those vacation-bound have signalled their departure via Twitter, Facebook, email bouncebacks, etc. 

There are plenty of reasons why we all need breaks and holidays, but in the same way that we should take care about broadcasting our intentions in the real world, shouldn’t we be careful about announcing our plans online?

Brian Appleyard cannot be the only blogger to have been the victim of burglars this year – although it’s not apparent that the criminals were stalking him via his blog. 

Other bloggers flaunt ownership of laptops and other gadgets, which might be a handy checklist for felons when visiting your unoccupied home.     

I’m not wishing a horrid home-coming to anyone (I was a victim of a burglary once myself), so it makes me uncomfortable when so many of those whose blogs I enjoy are glibly informing all and sundry of their holiday plans.

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Heather Yaxley PhD

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3 thoughts on “Holiday bloggers should beware of burglars”

  1. Good point Heather, says she who announced to all and sundry that she would be away for a few days last weekend. I do blog anonymously and I do have a burglar alarm but perhaps it’s not wise after all.

  2. Great post Heather – I completely agree with you. Not only that but if you follow people on Twitter, you can see exactly what they are doing at that particular moment. For instance “I am currently sipping a beer by the pool”.

    I don’t announce my holidays on Twitter or my blog as these are public facing although I do tend to update my FB status as my security settings are just set to my friends.

    I expect fraudsters and burglars will soon start to use this tactic much more widely as more and more people share their every moment with the world online.

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