May good fortune come your way today

The Sun claims today is the luckiest day ever – 08/08/08 – indicates prosperity and riches in Chinese culture.  The Olympics begin tonight at 08.08pm, whilst thousands of couples have planned their wedding day for the added good fortune the special date is thought to offer.

Mind you, the same claims were made last year for 07/07/07 – for those who take seven as their lucky number:

There are seven days in a week, seven notes on a musical scale, seven colors of the rainbow, seven wonders of the world and seven deadly sins. Catholics celebrate seven sacraments and seven virtues. Buddha was said to have walked seven steps at birth. And in Islamic tradition, seven symbolizes infinity.

Wikipedia has a different context on lucky numbers based on maths theory.  Then we have the dodgy PR formula from psychologist, Cliff Arnall, commissioned by Walls Icecream, who said 20 June was the happiest day of the year.  Or maybe it was 2 June – tax freedom day.

What today has in its favour is that it is memorable and remarkable – so it will generate lots of talk, acres of media coverage, and offers an opportunity for people to feel good.  The date doesn’t need a professional public relations expert to generate publicity as it has an inherent human interest angle.

So I wish you good fortune today – and suggest that if we each think of something we can do to give others a lucky day, that can’t be a bad thing.

And, if you are busy working, remember the old adage: the harder you work, the luckier you get. 

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Heather Yaxley

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