Scobleizer qualifies his PR likes and dislikes

Great to see that Robert Scoble has qualified his initial rant with a helpful follow-up post at Scobleizer, which includes advice on targeting bloggers (plus more PR reflection in the comments). 

The bottom line is that all communications (whether with bloggers, mainstream media, politicians, customers, etc, etc) should avoid the mass mailing, junk/spam approach.  The megaphone of transmit only – otherwise known as advertising – increasingly fails to interest or engage. 

Taking a receiver-oriented perspective simply reminds us that the what, why, how, when, etc of communications needs to relate to the other person more than to ourselves.  PR practitioners might argue they are too busy to personalise information – but most people are too busy to sort through everything they receive just in case it is of interest. 

Not only will they hit delete – but probably block future emails.  That’s always been the case as mainstream media used to throw releases into the wastebin on the basis of franking stamps or from spotting the letterhead of time-wasters. 

The best way to persuade most people is to allow them to persuade themselves.  That means getting to know someone – in the case of online or offline journalists this means reading their work and deciding when to leave someone off a mailing list. 

Good PR has always been a case of less is more.

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