Is PA Consulting’s elusive Dr Adam Adams – a virtual PR contact?

Despite being all over the news, PA Consulting group doesn’t have a press release regarding the current crisis on its website – and the current media criticisms haven’t made it to the showcase of PA in the News on the site either.

Yesterday the company lost Home Office records leading to the government terminating its three year contract.  So, one would expect to see some pro-active PR in operation to protect the firm’s reputation.

However, despite being “an independent, employee-owned, global firm of 3,000 talented individuals, operating from offices across the world” there seems to be no in-house PR expertise.

The site’s most recent release (dated mid-July) offers a marketing person as a media contact, and says for general media enquiries please contact PA’s Press Office using the details below:

Adam Adams
123 Buckingham Palace Road
Tel: +44 20 7312 4602
Fax: +44 20 7312 4639

Appearing elsewhere as Dr Adam Adams, this sounds like one of those fictitious people listed by companies on their websites so real employees don’t get bothered by irate stakeholders.  This view is reinforced by a lack of media quotes on the current crisis from Dr Adams.

However, I see from a press release dated 1997, Dr Adams was appointed as global marketing director – sadly, there seems to be no dedicated PR expertise here.

Unlike the company’s website, Wikipedia has updated the PA Consulting record with the latest crisis and also links to PA Consulting’s office in Second Life – I didn’t check to see if Dr Adams is managing the company’s crisis management from there.   

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