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I often criticise the press releases from the esure stable (particularly Sheila’s Wheels) but found this one: UK set to become a nation of one car households was pretty good.

It seems timely and informative, although there is still the qualification of statistics that could be avoided – why “a massive 71 per cent”?  Is the adjective really necessary?

It would be helpful to have some general background information such as the number of multi-car households generally and within the sample size.  Also, I would like to see PR practitioners getting to grips with statistical significance – particularly with regard to any gender difference since we don’t have any information about representation in the sample population or the general data.  There could be other underlying issues here affecting the results.

In some senses the findings are rather obvious, but they could still be relevant and if followed through enable esure to take a position of expertise in this area.

As well as the survey, the company could also look at its own data to see if this supports the opinion research.  Is there actual evidence from insurance policies of fewer multi-car households?

Nice to see this one played straight though.

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  1. i have comp cover with esure at the moment and the way they deal with the claim is very very poor.refered me to their garage i waited 2 weeks to be contacted they never dealer sent the estimate 4 times they never botherd to advice there are lots of insurance company go on the net and search comments about the companies.i wouldnt advise you to go for Esure thanks

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