Remarkable US election result

Quite a week of results if you view the achievements of Barrack Obama and Lewis Hamilton as ‘remarkable’.

Neither want their race to be the main story, but the issue is clearly there.  Today, the UK breakfast television media is focused on the historical election of the US’s first ‘black’ president – his colour being their opening statement.  Hamilton’s success in becoming F1 champion was somewhat overshadowed by the racist Spanish website.

Of course, media messages are simplified – there is also focus on both Hamilton and Obama as young achievers. 

When Hamilton started out on his road to success in April 2007, I wrote a post, which I think has significance today in relation to Obama’s election. 

I warned about how expectations soon get out of proportion with the mainstream media becoming over-excited; with a tendency to “big ‘em up, bring ‘em down.”  I said:

Managing public and media relations needs a long-term strategy – so although the immediate headlines and benefits of being “remarkable” will be great news for all the PR folk involved with Lewis, the challenge is to ensure the initial momentum moves in a positive direction for a life-time career.  Achieving that is truly remarkable.

Hamilton has a lot of issues (racism, unpopularity with fellow drivers, etc) still requiring careful PR management. 

For Obama, the momentum will be much more momentous – the public relations challenge perhaps the biggest in the world.

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  1. Not only Barack is the light to Black american but also for the all black around the world as the follower back to KOFFI ANNAN whose perfomance filled with the White dragging and all the signs of disrespect among the white leaders who’s still lied their heart in the COLOUR BAR also he could as well be a compromiser among the folks of the world regardless of the colour Might GOD lead your path through the misery that come to pass.

  2. I know what you mean about establishing expectations that are hard to meet! Note that in Obama’s acceptance speech, he included a line that all he wanted to accomplish might not be finished in four years.

  3. It was good advice given to Hamilton. Obama had done a lot of good things to the public.Obama is an Black American and he is also the follower of Koffi Annan.

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