Princess should take personal responsibility

Interesting to see a press release from Tracker piggybacking on the news story that Princess Beatrice had her BMW stolen after leaving it unattended with the keys in the ignition.  However, I doubt that the plug for stolen vehicle tracking will be picked up by the media.

Some reports claim her personal bodyguard is facing disciplinary action as a result of the theft.  Of course, when he is paid from the public purse, there is a question here, but surely a bit of personal responsibility should have been shown by the Princess.

One also has to ask how come her sister was reportedly travelling to see the same friend in a separate car – is the risk to them so great that they can’t be in the same vehicle (or pick one another up if they start from different places)?

Maybe a bit of budget sense could be taught along with the common sense that was clearly lacking in the keys department.

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Heather Yaxley

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2 thoughts on “Princess should take personal responsibility”

  1. Expecting the Royal family to do economy is like expecting them to think ecologically. Their brand is excess. Without it there might be little left…
    Bit like Jeremy Clarkson?

  2. Or to understand racial sensitivities!! Interesting to see if a brand built on excess is sustainable in the current climate. On the one hand, we may feel it is totally unacceptable, but on the other, the rich and stupid give us all something to moan about. I fear we will get more of their excess as it becomes even more newsworthy in contrast to stories of doom and gloom.

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