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Judy Gombita has become my virtual friend over the past few years – I’ve never met her, but rarely a day goes by when we aren’t in touch, whether she’s emailing me terrible jokes, amusing photos, personal insight into blog posts, sending sarcastic comments, twittering tweets or whatever.

Today she has written a personal post at PR Conversations regarding her niece who has a fabulous goal “to travel to Kenya for 20 days this summer to help build a school room, as a part of the Canadian (Craig and Mark Kielburger brothers’) educational initiative, the Me to We program.”

We hear so much in the news that is negative about young people – and here is a brilliant example of the reality.  Most people we know  – regardless of their age – are kind and think of others, often before themselves.

Sarah seems to be such a person – and I wish her great success in raising the necessary funds, as well as in benefiting the community in Kenya, and gaining an amazing experience herself.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about her dream and its realisation – so Judy, set up an online donation link so that we can help support Sarah achieve her goal.

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4 thoughts on “Supporting a dream”

  1. Thanks so much for this blog post, Heather. My niece is quite overwhelmed with the fact that her “story” is getting so much attention, first on PR Conversations and now (kindly) on Greenbanana, too.

    Regarding an online donation site, I’m certainly all for it. (And it is very kind of you to want to contribute towards her dream.)

    In fact, at the front end of discussions with Sarah (i.e., when I proposed the idea of “interviewing” her online) I said if the request for suggested corporate sponsors (to approach) also/instead resulted in personal offers of donations, that she/her family should look at setting up an online donation account. I’m hoping that will still happen.

    (Sarah has been very busy of late with school, final term exams, evening rehearsals for the musical and working at her job today–Saturday. We haven’t actually spoken in a few days, but I’ll be sure to lobby again for this to be made a priority.)

    The other reason I want Sarah to be involved in setting up the site is that it’s the “Me to We” philosophy: working towards achieving the goal personally, whether it be by earning the money through a job or convincing corporate sponsors that this is a “worthwhile” investment. Not to mention attending a monthly weekend workshop to learn more about the country they will be visiting.

    (We to Me’s administrators don’t want parents simply handing over the money for their kids to have an “experience” in a developing country. They want all of the related experiences to be hands-on, not just the building of the actual school room.)

    Again, my sincere appreciation for taking an interest in Sarah. Hopefully one day the three of us can meet in person and have some wonderful “live” conversations.

  2. Heather,
    I truly appreciate your support in my dream. Thank you very much for dedicating a post to the Me to We cause and for bringing me one step closer to realising it.

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