Sir James who? Losing friends and influence

This morning Sir James Crosby resigned from the FSA  board implying that he did not wish to impact on the reputation of that organisation. 

Interesting to see that despite still appearing in a Google search – the page about Sir James on the FSA site – can no longer be found.


Although it is important to ensure online information is updated to reflect the latest news, wouldn’t it have been better to have added Sir James’ statement to the FSA site, rather than obliterating him so roughly?

Instead, we need to turn to the Sky News site for a profile of Sir James. 

The “friendship” of Gordon Brown seems equally transient and it is likely that Crosby will be the sacrificial lamb to assuage media and public anger at the lack of contrition shown by the banking sector for the current crisis it has largely caused.

Tracy Corrigan‘s Telegraph blog cites Voltaire: 

“dans ce pays-ci, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps un amiral pour encourager les autres”  –  which translates roughly as “in this country (England), it is good, to kill an admiral from time to time, to encourage the others”.

Yet again, one has to ponder the role of public relations in the banking sector.  No doubt very expensive advisors will have been employed for yesterday’s parliamentary performances – but the entire reputation of the banking sector continues to plummet.

I think it will take more than an admiral or two walking the plank before it manages to win back friends and regain the influence in society it once held.  Does anyone believe those responsible for PR in the sector capable of steering the ship?

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