No degrees of separation – PR’s small world

image Marc Wright of has written an interesting profile of Toni Muzi Falconi.  This is a small world moment for me as Marc is one of the speakers at a forthcoming MIPAA workshop: The New Influencers – and Toni of course, is the originator of PR Conversations, which is my second blogging home. 

In PR – especially online – it often seems that everyone knows everyone.  So we’re either all connectors, or there really are no degrees of separation here.

2 thoughts on “No degrees of separation – PR’s small world

  1. In Scotland everybody knows everybody else anyway but social media doesn’t appear to have been grasped to a great extent yet. At job interviews a throw away comment about who you’ve met before perhaps can result in being told that person’s full name and where they currently work. A small village indeed. All the more reason to create a memorable footprint wherever you step I guess.

  2. You are right Jill that many communities are “small world” – social media extends that small world globally but again maybe with limited number of players who can still all know each other.

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