Fancy starting your PR career in Switzerland?

Reinforcing my belief that now is actually a good time to be starting out in a career in PR, MIPAA JobSearch has been informed of a vacancy for a PR Communications trainee by Nissan Europe to work in its offices in Switzerland.

What is apparent from the recent opportunities that we’ve been asked to promote is the need for young practitioners to think of their careers in international terms – and those who have an additional ability with languages will find this is an asset sought after by future employers.

Even in these first jobs, mention is made of previous experience.  This underlines the importance of placements as part of Undergraduate degree courses – or at the least, looking for opportunities for paid or unpaid experience during vacations.

It is a tough job market out there, but those who are willing and able to enhance their CVs (resume) with practical skills alongside their academic knowledge will find many employers still interested in employing them.