04:05:06 07/08/09

A friend sent me a piece of useless information regarding Friday’s date – which is 7th August 2009 – ie 07/08/09 and the fact that at five minutes and six seconds after four o’clock in the morning, you can sadly exclaim it is 04:05:06 07/08/09.

Unless you happen to write your dates in the US style of 9/11 (11th September in UK).  In which case, your magic, once in eternity, let alone a lifetime, sequential date oddity was 8th July.  (Although I really don’t get why you would put month before date.)

If you enjoy this type of weird date fact, check out: http://www.timeanddate.com/ Here you can calculate the date on which you will be 20,000 days old (for example), or find out how many days (seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, years) there are between two dates – which I actually think could be useful when planning.

You can also bore friends and acquaintances with bizarre facts, such as that 6 August sees a penumbral lunar eclipse – with a partial lunar eclipse to follow on 31 December.

And, indeed, although largely useless, the unusual date is interesting information.  Just think how many people you might ask “did you know?” regarding such facts – and you’ll realise exactly what we are trying to achieve in PR when we talk about word of mouth.

I bet you can’t resist telling someone about Friday’s weird date fact.

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2 thoughts on “04:05:06 07/08/09”

  1. I’ll survive tomorrow (I hope), but your post did remind me that together with some schoolfriends we found a special way to mark 7/7/77. A long time ago – but fondly remembered.

  2. That’s really interesting Richard – maybe we should all be planning a PR initiative to mark 09/09/09 – which is a great one as it doesn’t matter which way you write the day/month or month/day.

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