Motoring Writers make YouTube music video with Stefanie Hertel

Some members of the Guild of Motoring Writers – accompanied by a few manufacturer PR representatives – recently went on the Guild Classic driving event to Germany.  I’m not sure of the background, but somehow this led to a YouTube music video with Stefanie Hertel, an Alpine folk singer – which is apparently about the virtues of men.

The Guild’s latest edition of it newsletter, Update, does describe this as “just one in a series of surreal happenings on the BMW Guild Euro Classic” as the attendees “somehow got caught up in the filming of a Kitsch music-cum- travelogue programme for German TV.”

The choreography of the dads’ dancing scene at the end is a classic in itself – even funnier when you know the participants.  Is this positive PR or good publicity for the Guild?  Well word of the video is moving faster than a Ferrari’s acceleration among MIPAA members and motoring journalists, so in these tough times for the industry, it’s definitely giving us all a laugh. 

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5 thoughts on “Motoring Writers make YouTube music video with Stefanie Hertel”

  1. As one of the unfortunate participants in that classic video, I just want to make a small correction to your report. It was not made for You Tube but was filmed by ARD and broadcast on the equivalent of BBC1 prime time Saturday evening on German TV in mid-July so the fame (or infamy) or the Guild of Motoring Writers spreads far and wide.

  2. Apologies for implying that the video was made for YouTube rather than being available now at YouTube.

    I’m sure that the audience via German TV was much more than the current hits online. However, there has been a 50% increase in views at YouTube since yesterday – and of course, all those without the benefit of having caught the original need not miss out on the experience.

  3. The video may well be raising the GOMW’s profile, but will this kind of publicity help it attract more (younger) members? Or just reinforce the belief with many that it’s a club for old farts?

  4. YGM – I don’t think the clip does much to challenge perceptions of Guild members in respect of their age, but I suppose it shows that they have a sense of humour.

    I would like to see the Guild be more proactive (presuming this opportunity was just reactive) in ensuring it has relevance and appeal to more and younger members of the motoring writing fraternity.

    Events like the Guild Classic are still valid as part of a programme of events, activities and member benefits – but ensuring members can be recognised as credible contacts, with a reputation for a high standard of professionalism and contemporary influence is more important.

    No PR practitioner could rely on Guild membership alone as a sign of a professional motoring writer of the highest standard. Lots of really nice people, but as with PR itself, that is no longer enough.

  5. I think it’s fab and funny and shows they’ve got the sort of sense of humour where they’re happy to take the mick out of themselves… a rare and valuable commodity!

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