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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it takes real commitment to achieve a CIPR qualification.  So many congratulations to our students at Cambridge Marketing Colleges for their 100% success in the latest assessment round.  Indeed, over three-quarters gained merit or distinction grades – an even greater achievement.

To give them full credit, their names are:

CIPR Advanced Certificate: Murray Castle, Anne Coleman, Rebecca Farncombe, Yvonne Johnson, Adam Jolley, Jessica Kelly, Antony Morrison and Victoria Runcie.

CIPR Diploma: Graham Buchanan, Allan Clarke, Amanda Franklin, Laura Greenwood, Bethan Griffiths, Marco Jahn, Abosede Jakeman, Tracey Jewitt, Megan Lewis, Michelle Newton, Edward Palferman, Emily Poyser, Josie Scobling, Hazel Thomson, Matthew Wallace and Amanda Ward.

Those who have successfully passed the second out of three assignments are:

CIPR Diploma planning assignment: Simon Ashall, Penny Bunn, Katy Carmen, Paula Craig, Jon Dale, Paul Hopkins, Julie Jackson, Esta Keywood, Nicky Mawer, Daniel Scaife, Daljit Shergill, Emma Taylor, Liz Thomas, Julie Todd, Joanne Wheatley and Lisa White.

Thanks also to the CMC team of tutors and markers for their sterling work here – particularly Peter Brill whose Advanced Certificate group achieved 100% success in all three assignments this year.

However, it would be good to see wider recognition for those who have mastered the combination of theoretical understanding and practical application that is at the heart of these professional qualifications. 

For example, I would like to see such qualifications listed in job adverts for Public Relations posts.  It would also be great to see qualifications have a high profile on the CIPR’s own job site and perhaps a field included for recruiters to specify preference for a PR qualification – which at the least might make them think about employing candidates who have shown this type of commitment to their career.   This is something that I have recently added to the MIPAA JobSearch service.

Of course one can be an effective PR practitioner without a professional qualification and passing a course in itself is no guarantee of vocational success.  But offering knowledge, understanding and practical competence, which the graduates of the CIPR qualifications do, ought to be recognised as a valuable combination by those looking for PR talent.

There’s still time to enrol of the CIPR qualifications this term and in the New Year – and we’d love to welcome more students at Cambridge Marketing Colleges.  See the CIPR website: www.cipr.co.uk for more information – or leave me a comment and I’ll get in touch.

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Dr. Heather Yaxley is passionate about sustainable careers, reflective practice and professional development. I am a rhizomatic educator, practitioner, consultant, academic and scholar. As a qualified academic, I teach the CIPR professional qualifications with PR Academy and have experience teaching at various Universities. I run the Motor Industry Public Affairs Association (MIPAA) and my own strategic consultancy. I was awarded by PhD researching Career Strategies in Public Relations by Bournemouth University in 2017. I'm a published author, with books, chapters and academic papers to my name.