Happy 50th birthday baby brother

AdrianOnce upon a time I used to be an only child – but fifty years ago today that all changed.

The arrival of Adrian Paul Liddiment on June 11th 1963 marked the start of a long love-hate relationship between myself and my baby brother that continues today.

We have never grown out of childish squabbles – and know how to push each other’s buttons without even trying. I’ve lost count of the number of times I have shouted:


Of course, I’d defend him to the death against strangers, but take a perverse delight in being able to wind him up – and this is reciprocated.

I believe I have had much provocation over the years for example, by having my dolls’ eyelashes pulled out (apparently it was fun to see their eyes roll back in their heads). Yes, I know that was probably 45+ years ago, but a grudge is a grudge.

In return, my brother loves to recount one of very few occasions when I received a smack (back when it was normal operating parental practice).

Today we can call a truce – as the poor old boy has to cope with reaching his golden anniversary. As he’d say in return, “But, I’ll never be as old as you…”


  1. Any thoughts of returning ton that hairstyle? 😉

  2. Andy – I’m surprised I didn’t fall over with hair that tall (and backcombed). I remember having rags put in at bedtime for ringlets and a complicated multi-bun option on occasion too. Mind you, my grandmother used to dye her hair colour to match her ballroom dancing dresses – so sometimes her hair was lilac or pink. Don’t think they ever did that to me!

  3. I remember those days . i read a quote the other day witch said ,Grandparents houses are where cousins become friends how true is that !

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